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Shush! is an original series written and performed by students in grades 5, 6 and 7 and filmed by high school students while working with professional cinematographer David McClellen and writing mentor Cassidy Hall. An ongoing experience, the Shush Team provides an exciting experience working on a filming set and learning every step of taking their creative project from start to finish! Want to be involved? EmailĀ

Season 1: Episode 1

Season 1: Episode 2

Season 1: Episode 3

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What’s a cat to do? Things turn dangerous on the Trowel Varia-Kitty show as Alexander Axton’s devious ways put guests at risk. A condensed version of the original audio-video hybrid performed live at the Phipps, this snippet is considered episode 1 of of Shush. It gives a foretaste of what’s to come as the audio podcast transforms into a webisode series.
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A suspicious telemarketer ad sends Samantha Shovel and crew to Alexander Axton’s mansion where a mysterious door lures the team into danger.
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After walking straight into a virtual reality trap, Trowel the cat ends up in a world of sand and ancient traditions that nearly costs her all nine lives.