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Ripple Effects of StoryArk in the Stillwater Area Public Schools

Peyton’s iPad Tips & Tricks

“iPad Paper App”

“iPad Post It Note App”

Storytelling: podcast, film, poetry, prose, lyrics

Fridays from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Online via iPads on Zoom



TBD: iPad Overview with Apple Creative

20 Who am I, Who are You?



04 My Story, Your Story

11 The Issues that Matter

18 Story Arc: Podcast, Film, Literary Arts



08 What’s your story? How do you want to tell it?

22 Writers Room – characters and plot

29 Writers Room – Outline


05 Writers Room – Write

19 Writers Room – Write

26 Writers Room – Write/Revise/Previz



05 Writers Room – Revise/Shot list

12 Rehearsal

19  Record/Shoot



09  Post Production: edit, music

16  Post Production: edit, music

April 23 StoryArk Network Live! with virtual gallery

Students share stories with students, virtual gallery made public

Because everything we do at StoryArk is student initiated and student led, the program will be run by our StoryArk alumni pre-professional staff along with professionals from the film and literary industry including Charles Carpenter and Ski-ter Jones. There will be special guest appearances by authors, podcasters, screenwriters, actors and directors based on student wish list.