Alex Hulteen – Untitled Prose

The song flowed and breathed, and Samuel’s hands raced along the keys, intricate and weaving like a pair of dancers. Torchlight flickered seemingly in time with the music, and threw strange shadows from the rough rock walls. As his hands slowed, and the dance drifted to a graceful end, he felt the hair on the back of his neck raise ever so slightly, and he shuddered as goosebumps flooded down his arms and through his fingers. The shadows flickering on the walls started to pick up speed, thrashing around all over the walls like agonized tentacles. No flame should be able to move that fast. Samuel turned around to look at the single torch on the wall, and it went out instantly. As the flame died and the shadows disappeared into the darkness, an otherworldly screech tore from the air, reverberating through his bones, and rattling his eyes in their sockets. He jumped up, tripping over his feet and falling flat on his back, the breath left in his lungs abandoning him as the screech pierced through his ears into his brain. The bench clattered to the ground, cutting off the screech, the sound echoing off the uneven walls seeming so loud in the sudden quiet. The utter stillness was a vacuum. Samuel felt that no matter what sound he made would be swallowed by the ominous silence that coated the room and everything in it. A silence unable to be broken. Struggling to claw his way free from the oppressive quiet, he managed to gasp a breath, but no sound escaped his mouth. Before he could get up, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head to scan the room, his eyes finally settled on the silhouette of a humanoid figure, clinging to the corner of the ceiling. Samuel started shaking violently, and the thing slowly turned its featureless face, as if just now recognizing that it had been discovered. Another screech lit up the room shattering the silence into a million shards, and the shadow creature leaped off the ceiling, spinning and flipping towards him like an acrobat crafted of nightmares. Samuel was helpless on the ground as the shadow creature enveloped him, and he could feel his body and mind dissipating like smoke, as the light faded from his eyes and he disappeared entirely.

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