School is back in session, fall is in the air, and there is nothing like a bonfire to liven up an evening and create fun memories of s’mores and conversation. As Mark McNamee of HandyMan Matters explains, an outdoor fire pit doesn’t have to be an expensive amenity to add to your backyard. From hand picking your own rocks to buying a kit, Mark offers ideas on building a fire pit that will soon have you roasting marshmallows and swapping stories with family and friends.

Back in the olden days pioneers would gather round to build a barn for their neighbor in an effort to achieve something that couldn’t be done alone. Members of the community volunteered their time and skills to help each other out. In the same way, the Barn Raising Moment on Voices in the Valley brings experts on the air to share their know how with their neighbors. Together, we can build a better life.

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