Welcome to the Belles of March D&D Podcast

The Belles of March is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play RPG (Role Playing Game) podcast hosted in the StoryArk Studios in Stillwater, MN 

The Backstory

After 100 years of peaceful rule, the beloved King Richard has died leaving his good for nothing son, King Richard II the heir to the throne. Since then, strange beings have come down from the mountains to trade with the common folk and have proved to be kind, so the people of the Kingdom, and beyond, have welcomed these Mountain folk to trade goods.
Unfortunately, King Richard II, being needlessly cruel, has decided these mountain folk are not to be trusted and they should have their land taken from them. He declared war against the Mountain folk and sent out guards to recruit soldiers for his senseless war throughout the land, threatening any race or tribe that did not bend a knee to him. This plan almost decimated some races and clans by having to give up their best men and women to fight in the war. Our friend Hannah knows this all too well having volunteered to fight in the war on her Clans behalf.
Our story begins in the 9th year of King Richard II’s reign, 8 of which the Kingdom has been at war in the Northern part of the continent. On the Southern part of the continent, we join our 3 friends, Hannah, Li Fanghua, and Echo,  sailing aboard the ship “Opportunity” under their beloved Captain Mary Anne living out their lives as pirates sailing the high seas. They’ve just pulled in to port to deliver a special package for Miss Mary Anne.