BlueSky – The Taste of Freedom

I have always had thoughts about the universe. I’m not sure why, or when I

first had my first thought about the stars, the planets, the galaxies…It’s always seemed to be part of me. To erase it would leave me unwhole, broken, cracked.

Silky wind whistled past my face, like a curtain brushing my cheeks, light as a

feather and fierce as a tiger. If you opened your mouth, you could almost taste the freedom. The clouds seemed to hover in an alternate reality; when the boat and trees moved, the clouds stayed in fixed positions, polka dots on a blue canvas. You could almost tell that Earth was round, not flat, as it seemed to be but obviously wasn’t.

My cousins laughed and howled behind us, gliding across the mirror of water

as smoothly as one might bend an elbow or dive into a pool. They looked so happy. So carefree. I wish I could feel like that, even for only a moment. Constant anxiety plagued me, and I was never free of its chains, its cages, and its locks.

“Maya! Why don’t you join them next time?” My uncle, Jeremy, sat at the

wheel. His mud-brown eyes sparkled in the sunshine, like glittering gems under the light of the moon.

I said nothing.

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