Join the staff as a prose, poetry or visual arts editor

We are excited to expand the Boom Site staff to include an additional editor for prose, poetry and visual arts. The Boom Site staff currently is composed of a student editor-in-chief, an editor-in-chief in training, two prose, two poetry and two visual arts editors. We are looking forward to including a third person to each category, and we hope you will consider being involved!

Student creative writers and artists submit their work to the The Boom Site Literary Magazinethree times a year, and editors determine which selections will be published while also offering helpful suggestions. Editors meet once a month to discuss the magazine, determine submissions and share their own work with each other. It’s a chance to not only influence literary endeavors in the St. Croix Valley, but also be a part of a supportive creative team. Email steph@storyark.org for more information.

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