Vega tries to make contact with Andy, a fire alarm disrupts the first day at Edellen […]
Andy’s parents-gone. Her grandma: missing. And now Gracie – kidnapped. Universes are being destroyed, tensions fissure […]
Andy and her friends are determined to save Gracie and use Charlotte’s party as a cover […]
The friends discover new worlds in their quest to save Gracie; and, Marcel and Vega continue […]
Gracie is gone, the police have questions for the friends and Violet’s flashback stuns
Vega and Marcel’s deviousness unfolds and Ben’s babysitting job goes dangerously awry
A horrible nightmare reminds Andy of the need to save Finn, Rachel and Zach set of […]
Confusion and uncertainty abound as Andy and her friends try to determine the identity of a […]
Sucked into a bomb-ridden world, Andy seeks to save a little boy. Determined not to give […]
The last 24 hours have been really tough. A voice in fifteen-year-old Andromeda’s head just won’t […]