Played by Suzanne Mayes Adelaide E Who: An American used to the finer things in life, Adelaide E Who married Worthington only to discover he is a bum with no money management. She heads up a charity organization called: Who Cares? Adelaide! Claire’s best friend from childhood, Adelaide E. Who kept her maiden name (because it’s so great - who wouldn’t want it?) She loves to call herself “Adelaide E. Who” as if echoing the Swiss Miss Instant cocoa commercial of the 1970’s. She’s a ditz
Played by Stephani Atkins Claire Stephens: Total WASP. A helicopter parent who prides herself in her daughter Ivy’s career.  On her own, she would never be able to live in as fashionable a house set in the trendy, expensive Running Springs. Instead, as a divorced woman, she lives off of the alimony from her ex-husband.
Played by Emma Halleen Ivy Stephens Daughter of Claire Stephens, and an ambitious narcissist. She dreams of going to Los Angeles as an actor so her image and reputation are very important to her. She currently runs a lawn care service to pay for her Hollywood lifestyle.
Played By Colin Atkins  Lord Worthington Dinglebat III: Lives locally but currently in England. Married to Adelaide, they have no children. Comes from money and appears wealthy. Has borrowed some money from a few friends to ease ‘cash flow problems’
Played by Charles Carpenter Detective Charlie Sleuthsalot: Lives in the community of Running Springs, but in the smallest tract home in the development. In LOVE with Claire.  A lifelong gumshoe, Charlie is working to create his own line of police themed marital aids.