Ellen recently retired from Stillwater Public Schools after teaching for 30 years. She has taught all grade levels at some point in her career and has received the “Excellent Educator Award” from the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth. She also earned the District 834 Teacher Recognition Award. She has received numerous grants from major corporations like Toyota, Qwest, and AT&T. Ms. Eigner has served on a curriculum committee at Science Museum of Minnesota for opening of Catalhoyuk archaeological exhibit, created language arts curriculum at the request of author Lisa Westbrook Peters for her picture book, Our Family Tree, and written award winning interdisciplinary curriculum for ToyotaTime, combining chess, math, music and movie-making. She has also written award winning interdisciplinary curriculum for Computer Learning Foundation contest and presented at multiple professional workshops on the topic of “Unit Design for Curriculum Differentiation” She has been published several times in educational publications and is working at publishing her first children’s novel, titled “Lost and Never Found.”

Contact at ellen @storyark.org

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