Gabi Briggs – Change

Rising up, time for change,

awkwardness and disarrange,

Be yourself and be bold

Is what they say then force you into someone else’s mold,

Do I change to fit in 

And pretend to all of them I am akin?

Or stand out and be different.

Constructive criticism laws

Say to tell you your flaws,

But be an exception

To the accepted,

Be who you truly are

Don’t let them disbar.

Activism can be your existence,

So go the distance,

To keep yourself alive,

If only to push this drive,

Your entitled to mistakes,

Even if they make your heart ache,

So get back on your feet

Don’t let them mistreat,

It may not go your way,

But it will someday,

So choose your own path

Then you can’t face their wrath.

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