Group Poems – Creative Writing Intensive Students

Notes float through the air

My fingers slowly tap keys

I am surrounded

All clefs, all letters

Of all of the alphabet

Flying, beautiful

A kaleidoscope 

of colors, never seen before

Should my end come now? 

I don’t know my life,

Yet I am fully aware, 

What the note awaits.

Floating through music

echoing from these dark walls

Then I awaken

Glittering sunsets

after the sound of your laugh

that’s when you left me

descending deep down

too lost to find the surface

‘til a hand reaches 

I grab for my life

A warm, welcoming, free arm

I see a dim light

The end of the tunnel

never really ends for me

The laughs still echo,

as tears fill my eyes,

a glimpse of the hand

Night sky sparkles

paints of light shimmering

The crisp air gleaming

The stars glowing

It’s not just a matter of fate

Just a pretty sight

The sky twinkling

A spark of join in the night

A fire burning bright

The moon rises high

Through the ocean of the dark sky

A sliver of light

A flash of light in the darkness

Like hope when all is lost

Like finding what you were seeking

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