Students Literary Works

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Abby Huenink – Free

Abby Huenink – Free Relevé, plié, pique, arabesque My body moves elegantly across the room Tap, tap, tap My pointe shoes politely prick the wooden floors Graceful as a love…
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Abby Huenink – Untitled Prose

Abby Huenink – Untitled Prose I walked down the brick sidewalk, taking in my surroundings. The clouds loomed over the gloomy city and covered the sun. Tourists walked with their…
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Alex Hulteen – Untitled Prose

Alex Hulteen – Untitled Prose The song flowed and breathed, and Samuel’s hands raced along the keys, intricate and weaving like a pair of dancers. Torchlight flickered seemingly in time…
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Amanda McKellips – Crashed Lines

Amanda McKellips – Crashed Lines i. glass gleams on the side of the road cars crashed with smells of your cologne everything here reeks of you can’t clean up a…
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Amanda McKellips – Wisteria’s Journey

Amanda McKellips – Wisteria’s Journey Wisteria’s Journey Purple is a haze of smoke and bliss A twisting sensation Full of momentum Propelling You Forward Turn a corner Find a different…