Maxine and Dhiima – More than a Billion


1). The world is not what you think it is

2). There is a slew of world problems with people just trying to break into the biz

3). With its violence, religions, and Identities being unknown

4). People’s lives are being taken with no mercy shown


1). I am always grateful for the food on my table. For my education, 

2). and my for my house which is stable. 

3). But don’t forget that there are still Muslims experiencing cultural genocide, the people of Yemen are still starving, kids being put into there grave 

4). Sudanese women are still being raped, and they somehow manage to stay brave


1). Sudanese people are being raped and murdered in unimaginable ways 

2). And   think that changing their profile pictures to blue will help but the massacre still stays

3). If the color of my skin is brown the why am i always neglected

4). But if the color of her skin is white then she is constantly respected


1).because of the color of my chocolate skin, my ethnic name, and the texture of my coily hair, going to a job interview would be a nightmare

2). But because of her porcelain skin, basic name, and her shiny straightened skin, she would get a job right then and there.

3). It’s crazy being told that all lives matter or that white privilege doesn’t exist

 in our nation. 

4).Because the last time that I checked white men are the ones raping women and being held on probation but when black men are accused of this sin and spend their life in incarceration


1). Trump is too busy posting his new tweet 

2). To know that on the other side of his border kids are treated like dogs, adults are suffering and Mexicans they’re tired and weak

3). Everyone deserves a fair and just life in the land of the brave and free

4). But how come in America people are living in terrible conditions, with unfit water supplies, and living miserably


1). We are  more than a billion to help and to hold 

2). We are more than a billion to yell at and to scold

3). I know this may seem like you have heard it many times

4). If we don’t open up our eyes then we won’t realize our mistakes that we have done over time

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