Celebrate student podcast, film, poetry, music and visual art

Multi-media, multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, the StoryArk Festival has been designed and initiated by youth to showcase their stories in an engaging, high energy way. Be wowed by awesome short films, inspired by meaningful podcasts, touched by impactful poetry. Be amazed by the cool experience woven around these stories including polls, games and Q&A.

When: Sunday August 15th

Where: Online

Time: 4:00 PM

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is mandatory to receive zoom link.

Meet our Live Band NUNNABOVE

They’ve been called, “the next generation of Minneapolis sound”

The band’s music could be described as positive alternative pop. They have the skill to weave in and out of many different styles, and the musicianship to know what works and what doesn’t. Since being discovered by producer Karl Demer in 2016, NUNNABOVE has been busy performing in and around the Twin Cities. From local festivals, community fundraisers and events both private and public, whether alone or on stage with Gary Hines and The Sounds Of Blackness, Jearlyn Steele and her amazing family members, or many of Minneapolis’ finest singers and musicians, the group delivers on a distinctive sound that leaves the listener wanting to hear more.

Sign up before August 8th to receive a welcome package

The Festival is free and open to the public, but all who attend MUST register to receive a link to this zoom event. Those who sign up before August 9th will be mailed a welcome package with a program, a booklet of student creative art, and special surprises to make the event an interactive experience.

Register below.. or click here

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