We all have something dear to us hanging in our closet that we want to keep but may be showing it’s age. Polly Nemec from Treasured Garment Restoration by St. Croix Cleaners details how most any fabric based item can be cleaned, restored and preserved. Jenna asks about white wine spilled on her wedding dress by an inebriated guest. Polly replies this is a very common question and recommends immediate cleaning. Clear liquids might not be seen at first, but stains will develop over time that turn yellow, orange and eventually brown. Polly reassures Steph that as long as the fabric is strong and the seams solid, even a stuffed bunny well loved through the years can be sewn up, cleaned up and fluffed.

Back in the olden days pioneers would gather round to build a barn for their neighbor in an effort to achieve something that couldn’t be done alone. Members of the community volunteered their time and skills to help each other out. In the same way, the Barn Raising Moment on Voices in the Valley brings experts on the air to share their know how with their neighbors. Together, we can build a better life.

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