Welcome to the Student Situation Room, a special addition of #HUSHpodcast as aired originally on the radio program Voices in the Valley. Inside the Situation Room, students from all over ask questions about school, academics, extracurriculars and college entrance exams.  The Student Situation Room is supported by Huntington Learning Center, and during this episode, we break from our usual format for a parent question. Brad, from Minnesota, asks: “I want to get my four-year-old reading. How do I start?”  Here’s what Michael Smith, director of Huntington Learning Center, had to say.

The Student Situation originally aired as a part of #HUSHpodcast. Tune into Voices in the Valley the first Saturday of every month at 10 AM on KLBB 1220 for the next episode. Subscribe, rate and review #HUSHpodcast on iTunes.

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