Vitamin C

Because comedy is an essential nutrient!

Do you like making people laugh? If you are ages nine through fifteen, here’s your chance to participate in a sketch comedy web series called Vitamin C. Think of it as a kid-friendly, rated PG, Saturday Night Live (similar to Studio C) where students are the producers, writers, actors, filmmakers and editors!

Watch our sketches!

Poor Daisy is in for a doozy of a date …
Vitamin C Live at The StoryArk Festival 2019
Are you feeling chair-itable? Vitamin C needs your help! Donate …
It's her big day! Barb Arbra heads to the salon to get her hair styled for her wedding. She's booked the very exclusive stylist, Minnie, to style her hair but is surprised to find Minnie is not at all what she expected!
Debbie Downer takes her Vitamin C and finds out comedy is an essential nutrient!
What's a life without humor? Debbie Downer is missing a very essential nutrient