http://www.klbbradio.com/We’re all about storytelling here on Voices in the Valley, and every once in awhile we need to tell our own. Voices in the Valley is now nonprofit, and KLBB station manager Brad Clark and master jeweler Jeff Johnson of Johnson Jewelers come into the studio to help Steph explain what that means. The short answer is expanded opportunity for more voices to be heard and the inclusion of music into the show. Musician Tim Quarberg joins us in the second segment to talk about telling stories through song and share music from his CD “Go Fly a Kite”.

Next week on Voices in the Valley we officially kick off our podcast series HUSH. Join us the first Saturday of every month to hear more about the search for Violet. Voices in the Valley can be heard every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220 AM.

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