Sucked into a bomb-ridden world she didn’t know existed, Andy seeks to save a little boy. Determined not to give up on the boy or her grandma, Andy goes along with Ben’s idea that the friends should search the attic for clues to Violet’s mysterious disappearance.

Special thanks to Paws and Claws Pet Resort in Hudson, Wisconsin, for their support of #HUSHpodcast and to Kowalski’s Markets in Oak Park Heights for being this month’s snack sponsor of The Shire’s Audio Drama Team.

#HUSHpodcast follows a teenage girl named Andy whose parents, and then grandmother, mysteriously disappear. Andy and her friends set off to search for them on a quest that leads into multiple universes filled with dangerous secrets and manipulative people. The voice of a strange being named Silence, a bumbling police officer who wants to train his pug to be a police dog, and well intended but misguided adults aggravate the situation rather than making it better. Follow the links to listen to episode 1 “Don’t Cry Over Cold Tea” and explore the #HUSHpodcast world.

“Into the Attic” is the second episode of #HUSHpodcast, an original sci-fi series written, performed and produced by a group of teenagers in the St. Croix River Valley. A new episode of HUSH airs the first Saturday of every month on Voices in the Valley at 10 AM on KLBB 1220 before being uploaded as the next episode of the podcast. Sign up for the #HUSHpodcast newsletter or find out how to become involved with the production by emailing steph@storyark.org.

Next week on Voices in the Valley special guest Dina Chapman, Hollywood screenwriter of CMTs  “Still the King” and the creator of “Wives and Daughters”, joins us to talk about the creative and collaborative process of how to write a television script.

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