In this episode of Voices in the Valley, we hear how our guests “turned pages” in their lives to start fresh despite traumatic circumstances. Steph and De interview Shawnah Breault who shares how she left an abusive relationship. In the second half of the show, student hosts Grace and Eleanor find out how Dr. Kellie Seth survived and overcame the trauma of a head-on car collision during her travels in India. Inspiring and noteworthy, these women show us how to deal with traumatic situations, persevere and overcome to build meaningful lives.

Next week on Voices in the Valley, Jenna from St. Croix Prep interviews Senator Karin Housley and Representative Kathy Lohmer and talks to the legislators about creative writing and storytelling.  Tune into Voices in the Valley every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220.

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