Steph interviews Christian musician and Dove award winning artist Mitch McVicker.  Among other things, Mitch discusses his friendship with Rich Mullins,  a contemporary singer and songwriter, whose albums are considered some of the best in Christian music. In 1997 Rich died in a car accident that left Mitch seriously injured, and Mitch shares that story and how Rich Mullins continues to influence him. The recording is taken during the filming of “Box of Chocolates”, Star Prairie Jerry’s musical variety show airing on local cable networks. 

Next week on Voices in the Valley we air “It’s Not What It Looks Like”, the fourth episode of the podcast series HUSH.  This time the cops are involved, and it’s not likely to go well for Andy.

Special thanks to Cameron Kelly of Stillwater Estate and Business Planning, real estate agent Wendy Gimpel, and the Halleen and Lim Families for their support of Voices in the Valley. To find out how you can become involved with the show, email steph@storyark.org. 

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