Best selling psychological suspense author Brian Freeman joins us on Voices in the Valley for the eleventh episode of our twelve part series on “How to Write a Novel”.   With award winning books published in 20 languages and sold in 46 countries, Mr. Freeman remembers back to the start of his writing career and highlights the role of the editor in his success.  Afterwards, professional editor and author Traci Post completes the discussion with student hosts Alex and Thomas by explaining the role of the editor and detailing the editing process. Titled “You’re my new best friend! How to Work with an Editor”, this podcast provides valuable perspective. 

Broadcast every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220 AM, Voices in the Valley offers a variety of entertaining ways to learn how to develop stories. Next week: prolific writer Tracy Maurer shares with student hosts Annaclare and Aurora how she published over 100 titles. Student poets Eleanor and Grace tell us about the River Valley Poetry Slam.  

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