It’s all about publishing in this episode of Voices in the Valley.  What happens after you’ve written and edited, shaped and revised? You publish, of course! Steph and Dina consider self-publishing options and student hosts Annaclare and Aurora learn how to find and work with a publisher from author Tracy Maurer’s experience publishing over 100 titles. As a bonus, Stillwater Junior High Students Eleanor and Grace read poems to highlight the upcoming River Valley Poetry Slam.

Voices in the Valley airs every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220 AM. Join us next week for a radio play written by The Shire Literary Center’s Audio Drama Team. Not all is as it seems in “Hush: One Day in Edellen”. What appears to be a quaint and homey town has a strange and potentially ominous narrator hovering over it.  

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