Local area high school students discuss poetry as a vehicle for expression and read their poems during this episode of Voices in the Valley. With Celia from River Falls High School and Rebecca from Mahtomedi High School hosting, Celia shares a poem as do Ellie from Great River School and Joe from Stillwater Area High School. Thanks to Candyland, the students participate in a “Sweet Tweet” contest, and Rebecca and Ellie share why their mom enjoys Darn Knit {Anyway} so much. Voices in the Valley, which airs every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220, celebrates the creative spirit with these talented student poets.

Next week on Voices in the Valley: award winning student poet Elysia joins us along with powerhouse student poet Amir. Be prepared to be wowed and inspired as we consider the topic “What is Poetry: Poetry as Power.” 

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