Poetry Is Power in this episode of Voices in the Valley.  Elysia from Mahtomedi High School reads from a poem that transports us into the heart of a severe storm, and Amir from Fridley High School masterfully draws us into a poem that addresses injustice and reminds us of the importance of having all voices at the table.  Chuck Dougherty from Water Street Inn shares a brilliant idea for Mother’s Day, and Master Nathan Thorn of the Edge Martial Arts and Fitness discusses the inner confidence that comes from being able to defend yourself.

Next week on Voices in the Valley: Students featured in the Stillwater Gazette’s “Tokens of the Shire” literary page read their work on the air, and poet Scott Vetsch joins us to talk about the art of poetry. Voices in the Valley can be heard every Saturday morning at 10:00 on the Club 1220. 

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