The second episode of a twelve show series on developing a novel. The Shire broadcasts Voices in the Valley every Saturday morning from 10 to 10:30 on KLBB 1220 AM.

“They’re real to me!” How to Create Memorable Characters: 

Learn how to develop interesting heroes and villains by looking to the “real characters” in your life that display the peculiar traits you need to create a memorable protagonist and write a believable supporting cast. Student hosts Adam and Emma interview Stillwater Mayor Ted Kozlowski and find out surprising details about his life that show how complex characters can really be. As a special treat, seventh grader Penelope shares the introductory music she composed for “One Day in Watervale,” a student produced audio drama that will air in April.

Next time on Voices in the Valley: “But he said!” How to Develop Conflict. Join author Andy Hueller and student hosts Jill and Rebecca as they explore conflict’s twists and turns, aggravations and hurdles. 

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