In this “against the odds” episode of Voices in the Valley, two guests share experiences of perseverance and determination as they recover from difficult physical challenges. Amy Zellmer provides important information on traumatic brain injury and explains how it has impacted her life. In the second half of the show, student host Emma interviews Greta on how she managed to overcome scoliosis and train as a ballerina. Jeff Riegle’s Barn Raising Moment will have you rethinking the power of your dollar to make a change. 

Next week on Voices in the Valley, we welcome the Mid Continent Oceanographic Institute to learn about their newly released book UP, UP AND AWAY. Sixth grade student Aja will be joining us to do a reading from the book, and we’ll learn about the important work MOI does to support writing and storytelling for under-resourced students.  Voices in the Valley can be heard every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220 AM.

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