Are these kids for real? Could they be any more talented and entertaining?  Members of The Shire’s Audio Drama Team answer Steph’s questions about writing, producing and acting in a radio play with wit and candor. Penny, one of the student composers, provides examples of transition music, and student host Claudia interviews Robert Frost III, the composer mentor for the radio play. Robert collaborated with the students to write the original theme music of “Don’t Cry Over Cold Tea”. He discusses the creative process in musical composition and explains how to solve writer’s block.

Next week on Voices in the Valley, Steph interviews Alan Frechtman, who gained his radio expertise with over a decade of experience on the set of Prairie Home Companion. Alan explains his role as director of “Don’t Cry Over Cold Tea.” In the second half of the show, Calyssa Hall, artistic director of the Zephyr Theatre, considers theater, radio plays and other forms of creative expression and offers tips to young thespians.  Voices in the Valley can be heard every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220 AM.

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