Number four in a twelve part series on how to write a novel, “And then… and then… must turn page!” provides listeners with strategies on how to outline a plot and even guarantees a laugh or two. Voices in the Valley airs 10:00 every Saturday morning on KLBB 1220 AM.

“And then… and then… must turn page!” How to Outline Plot:

Join us for this step-by-step approach to capturing your story on paper. Steph and De consider imaginary play as a plot generator and students Adam and Emma host a game show. Hilarity ensues during “The Rose Floral Bowl – What’s my Plot”. It’s a madlibs sort of story game where you pick your hero, find your villain, get stuck with your conflict and create a story the judges will love.

Next time on Voices in the Valley: “Much more than another place: How to Develop Strong Setting”. Student hosts Aurora and Annaclare interview Christian book author Stephanie Landsem to learn how to research and develop an historical setting. 

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