Broadcast every Saturday morning at 10:00 on KLBB 1220 AM, Voices in the Valley connects secondary students and published authors together to share writing resources, useful tips and creative ideas.

“Much more than another place” How to Develop a Strong Setting:

Things are humming during this fifth episode of Voices in the Valley as our guests explore how to imagine and create a setting. Sixth grader Josiah explains how to build worlds using Minecraft and real estate consultant Wendy Gimple details differences to consider when describing a Victorian, a farmhouse, a rambler and a planned community. A delightful exchange follows as student hosts Annaclare and Aurora interview Biblical fiction author Stephanie Landsem on how to research a novel.

Next time on Voices in the Valley: “I can hear you!” How to Write Really Good Dialogue. Student hosts Rebecca and Jill interview David Arndt whose first book, The Grimm Patriot, will be released this spring. 

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