“I CAN do this!” How to Take Risks and Say What You Want to Say:

Voices in the Valley values deep sharing as much as it does good natured hilarity. Broadcast every Saturday on KLBB 1220 at 10 AM, Voices in the Valley offers a variety of entertaining ways to learn about writing and how to share stories. Today’s show takes a more serious note as Regina Peluso, Artistic Director for Collide Theatrical, details the winding path she took in her creative endeavors while Emma shares with student hosts Natalie and Christina a personal narrative on saying goodbye to her dying dad. Profound and remarkable interviews consider how to share courageously.   Authentic voice and truth telling make this show well worth the listen as we consider how to take risks in creative endeavors.

Next week on Voices in the Valley: The first draft varies greatly from the final as an overview of Kate DeCamillo’s revisions of THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX shows. Author Anne Greenwood Brown joins us as student hosts Claudia and Celia interview her to find out how she revises her novels. 

“Carve that clay!” How to Revise Your Story ~ next up on Voices in the Valley

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