The Absent Narrative Project

My Story, Your Story, Our Story
Youth voice empowered, uplifted, amplified

A collaboration with Stillwater, Hastings, and Mankato Public Schools.

An opportunity for High School Students

Join StoryArk Online as we share and uplift each other’s stories through podcast, film and the literary arts. Become a part of a creative team while also engaged in conversation and storytelling skill building in a large group setting. Write the script. Act the role. Produce the podcast episode or short film. Imagine a novel. Delve into a short story. Weave a poem into magic. Dream up song lyrics. 
What’s your story? How are you going to tell it?

Connect and Create, Inspire and Be Inspired

With the help of an iPad!
StoryArk is committed to helping reduce the digital divide, and with that in mind, all participants in the program will receive for free, to keep, an iPad or iPad Air so that any story you imagine up, you can produce! All we ask is that you will be a part of a movement to empower youth and uplift the stories of others.

Storytelling: podcast, film, poetry, prose, lyrics

Fridays from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Online via iPads on Zoom


TBD: iPad Overview with Apple Creative

20 Who am I, Who are You?



04 My Story, Your Story

11 The Issues that Matter

18 Story Arc: Podcast, Film, Literary Arts



08 What’s your story? How do you want to tell it?

22 Writers Room – characters and plot

29 Writers Room – Outline


05 Writers Room – Write

19 Writers Room – Write

26 Writers Room – Write/Revise/Previz



05 Writers Room – Revise/Shot list

12 Rehearsal

19  Record/Shoot



09  Post Production: edit, music

16  Post Production: edit, music



April 23 StoryArk Network Live! with virtual gallery

Students share stories with students, virtual gallery made public

Because everything we do at StoryArk is student initiated and student led, the program will be run by our StoryArk alumni pre-professional staff along with professionals from the film and literary industry including Charles Carpenter and Ski-ter Jones. There will be special guest appearances by authors, podcasters, screenwriters, actors and directors based on student wish list.

Student stories uplifted, amplified through:

Live sharing online at the StoryArk Network Live! event with other students

Featured on the StoryArk Network podcast, app and web page

Published in the multi-media Boom Site Newsletter and included in Boom Site Magazine

Included in the StoryArk Network Live! virtual gallery

Shared online with your peers from all over the Twin Cities Metro – and the world

The Why

Stories have the power to change society. They provide entertainment and for just a moment allow us an escape to appreciate the tales of another. Whether through podcast, film, novel, poem or song, storytellers are the most powerful people in the world because they can show us the vision of what we should become. Stories also help us explore who we are and grow in understanding and empathy of each other. Join us on a creative journey as we explore what matters most to us through the power of story.

This project is a part of the Absent Narratives Project, a collaboration with StoryArk, Stillwater, Hastings and Mankato school districts as a part of their commitment to empower, uplift and amplify the voice of youth – especially those stories underrepresented and marginalized