Organizational Overview

StoryArk helps students in elementary school, middle school, and high school initiate creative teams in which they communicate, collaborate and connect with each other to imagine and produce narrative podcasts, short films, and a literary magazine that publishes prose, poetry and visual arts. We ask youth, “What’s your story? How do you want to tell it?” They respond in ways that transform not only themselves, but also the audience who gains empathy and understanding of the student experience.

The impact – why we do this

Student initiated, student led, our creative process focuses on building life skills through a passion for storytelling and the desire to communicate and be in relationship with each other. In our creative process, students lead students and professional writers, actors, directors, filmmakers and editors serve as mentors who share their skills and wisdom as needed with youth. As we work together and support each other individually as artists, quality content naturally emerges. Ultimately, our artistic success is determined by how well we develop students as individuals and as team members. 

Ripple Effects Map – REM

The impacts of StoryArk are multi-faceted and deep. This Ripple Effects Mapping evaluation documented the many pathways in which the program is meeting its mission to empower student voices and equip young artists to thrive. From the student perspective, the program has offered a crucial sense of community and belonging that has created a safe environment in which they can unleash their creativity and grow. From a staff perspective, the program has pushed the envelope in terms of giving students the power to initiate and lead the creative process.


Meet the staff and mentors that help make it all happen

Emerging Professionals

Everything we do is student initiated and student led. We are delighted to have an amazing team of StoryArk Alumni on staff to develop, nurture, and grow future programming.

our Mission Statement

Empowering student voices. Equipping young artists to thrive.

The StoryArk Blueprint

StoryArk envisions a world where all stories are welcomed, valued and uplifted as an integral part of the larger narrative. 

Our annual reports

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