Storytelling Unit:

Our Storytelling unit is the starting point in the My Story, Your Story, Our Story adventure. Know Thyself, Know Thy Character is the theme of this unit as students dive deep into the fundamentals of character, story arc and plot. Students privately consider their own roles, identities, culture, social styles and conflict styles and then apply what they learn to create original characters, determine a theme, and develop a story as a class and in creative teams.


Students work in creative teams to create original plays. This unit is designed to bring playwriting into your classroom through intentional exercises, writing prompts, lessons, and creative play. This playwriting unit walks your students through the process of brainstorming, developing, creating and finishing an original play. This unit can be customized to fit with the classroom curriculum and be used as an arts integration in the classroom, or as a stand-alone unit.

Literary Arts Unit:

Students review the fundamentals of storytelling and consider emotion as a driver in artistic efforts to create stories, poems, song lyrics and visual arts.

Podcast Unit

Students explore themes and issues important to them as they learn about podcasting as means to communicate.