About Podcast Camp

At this in-person camp, you will collaborate with other students to learn the ins-and-outs of podcasting from start to finish. You’ll also connect with and learn from a variety of professional artists who will Zoom in from all over the world.

Podcast Camp 2022

Culture shock. What is it? How have we experienced it? How do you get through it? We talk about this and more in Not Too […]
Wanderhome is a pastoral fantasy role-playing game about traveling animal-folk, the world they inhabit, and the way the seasons change. It is a game filled […]
A man who is absolutely in love with everything hotdogs falls into despair when he loses one at the beach, in his frantic search, he […]
After receiving a well-paying mission from an ominous faceless figure, a group of space cadets are on their way to deliver a set of documents. […]

Previous Projects

Two washed up detectives stumble into a murder investigation in a small […]
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