StoryArk Pre-Professionals

At StoryArk, everything we do is student initiated and student led. We are delighted to have an amazing team of StoryArk alumni on staff to develop, nurture and grow programming that connects students together to develop creative projects.

In this way, we empower, uplift and amplify youth voice. 

Emma Halleen Emma Halleen is a StoryArk alumni
Maggie Odumuyiwa Maggie is a senior at Stillwater
Flora Nelson Flora is a second-year college student
Peyton Zignego Peyton Zignego is an undergraduate student
Lee Howl Lee is a StoryArk alumni and
Emily Tamrat Emily is currently a senior in
Fatima Menawa I am a Hamline Undergraduate student
Ivy Lariviere Ivy is the editor-in-chief of the
Leslee Menjivar Hello, my name Leslee Menjivar. I’m
E. Nahkala E is willing to do anything
Talisha Garcia Hello, my name is Talisha Garcia.
 Sommerdai  Sommerdai has been a part of StoryArk
Cadence Nunn Hello! My name is Cadence Nunn. I am currently
Mattie Nunn Mattie Nunn is a young musician