Life On 1%

Maverick Jaeger is living with Narcolepsy. For 2 years he never felt like he’d had a good nights sleep. Constantly drowsy and tired until he was diagnosed in the summer of 2018. This is his story.

By Maverick Jaeger

The Tech

Holly Stedman shines a light on the stresses of Stage Managing in her hilarious Short Film “The Tech”

By Holly Stedman


Music video 

By Owen Landrud

The Bathroom

A young couple on a date struggle with the vulnerabilities and awkward embarrassment of using a public restroom.

By Emma Atkins 

Living with anorexia//choreographed dance

A ballerina shares her struggle with anorexia and provides hope

By: Christina Cummings

Over the phone

After a rough school day, a depressed girl returns home and ends up finding solace in her best friend over a phone call.

By: Olivia Hanson

Writers Block

sometimes, when your plan lacks intention, the idea you were looking for is found in plain sight.

By: Owen Landrud

Girl Meets Girl

After a fight with her long-time boyfriend reaches a fever pitch, a young woman’s introspection leads her to consider all the effects that their breakup will have on her life.

By: Flora Sherr-Nelson


Diabetes… the personal impact on a son and mom.

By: Toby Weiss