“BRINGGGGG!!!” The bell was ear-splitting as it announced the end of the day at school. Melissa pushed her way through the crowded halls trying to make it to her locker. As usual, Liv, her best friend, was waiting at her locker lacking a backpack. 

“You really should get a new bag” Melissa said struggling to open her locker with so many people brushing up against her, 

“nah it’s easier just carrying everything” Liv said through a smirk. “Ohhh look there’s Donnn” she said mocking a kissing scene, 

“Ooh come on,” Melissa said, swatting Liv to stop her. “Anyways,” Liv said, ignoring the fact she embarrassed herself in front of half of the school, 

Melissa was average height, she had long silky brown hair and porcelain skin, people always said she looked like the perfect doll, and she did. Liv on the other hand was shorter and pretty, but not in the same way as Melissa, Liv had colored hair that changed once a month. Both had a good taste in clothes but Melissa dressed in the “popular girl” uniform, lululemon shirts and pants with those white nike socks. 

”Did you hear about the party?” Liv asked 

“Yea!!!” Melissa said excitedly. 

“So are you waiting for him or are you gonna man up and ask Don yourself?” Liv asked as Melissa shut her locker and gave her a death stare. 

“I don’t know yet,” Melissa said. 

“Well you have to decide some time,” Liv said, pushing her way through the crowd yet not hitting anyone as she slipped through the front doors of the school and into Melissa’s mom’s car. 

“Is Liv here again?” 

“well yea mom can’t you see her?” melissa said, cringing 

“yep! Just joking around” her mother answered quickly. 

The next day,

Melissa packed up all of her things and found her usual spot on the bus, next to Liv, of course. They had gone through about half of the bus ride when someone had tried to sit in their seat, 

“Sorry, someone’s sitting here…” Melissa said as they walked away looking at her like she had just eaten her shoe 

“What was that all about?” Melissa said, her face now slowly getting red. 

“ I don’t know,” Liv claimed, “but she has some nerve talking about-” she was cut off as the bus halted to a stop and opened its doors to let the kids out to school. 

All day she tried to ignore the fact that people usually didn’t acknowledge Liv… 

“Red or orange eyeshadow?” melissa asked, 

“Lis. I’m a zombie. Why would I need eyeshadow…” 

“Doesn’t hurt to be prepared” Melissa said while putting on bright red lipstick for her 1920’s flapper costume. 

“Hey so…” Liv stated shakily 

“What’s up…..?” Melissa asked, noticing the sudden mood change in the room. “I uh…” 

“Omigod- what is it?!?” Melissa asked worriedly, Liv was crying, and Melissa had never seen her cry. 

“I-im not going to be with you….” 


“Forever” she said through a guilty smile while tears were pouring down her face Before Melissa could say anything, Liv explained. 

“So when you were little, 4 years old, on halloween, you were supposed to go trick or treating with your friend, and she flaked. You were so upset, so you made me up. To be your

friend. To go trick or treating with you. And now… well now my time is up.” she said through a smile 

“N-no you have to be joking.. Hahaha so very funny you can stop now…” she said sarcastically 

Liv smiled and started to fade into nothing, and by the time she was gone Melissa still hadn’t even been able to process what just happened, then she started to cry, rivers of tears ran down her face, she cried and cried for what must’ve been an hour, then once she had settled down, she looked up at the clock. 

“I-i still have to go to the party. She would’ve wa-wanted me to..” 

So she freshened up her makeup and went, teary eyed and heavy hearted she went to the party. 

Once she had arrived she found a couch in a corner, sat down and went on her phone. “Hey, are you ok?” 

Melissa looked up and there he was, Don James, her crush since the 5th grade. “Oh- h-hi” she wiped her eyes to get rid of any of the leftover red from her breakdown. “And yeah im fine… something unexpected came up but im ok now…” 

“Oh,” he said worriedly, “I’m sorry…” 

After sitting there for a minute, nervously sweating, he asked, 

“Well uh… can I have this dance?” 

Melissa smiled and jumped up following him to the dance floor. In that moment she was happy, so happy she forgot about Liv. after the dance she sat back down smiling to herself and said, 

“I guess i can Liv without you “ 

The end.

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