She started piano lessons at 3. As a 21 year old musician, scriptwriter, and fashion designer, it looks like she’s just getting started. She completed her BS in apparel design in 3 years from the University of Minnesota in 2023 and currently makes custom clothing for select clients.  She is NUNNABOVE’S music director, keyboardist, background singer and styles all of the band’s performances as well as designs and sews some of their outfits herself.  She’s skilled at designing ready to wear clothes for diverse markets, but is also incredibly skilled at designing and sewing haute couture and avant-garde apparel; that she uses to express herself or respond to what she observes in the world.  She writes for the cartoon “Bob’s World” that her brother (Wisdom) created. She and her brother also created another cartoon that they are currently shopping for distribution. She loves to help tell stories with music.

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