My fantasy. Spring day listening to my surroundings, hearing the birds
chirping and the rustling of the trees. All of these peaceful noises in thebackground of my dad talking non-stop, snapping myself out of what I was picturing. Remembering I’m sitting down in my favorite blue dress. Pairing it with my black high-top converse, wearing the gold butterfly necklace my great-grandfather gifted me. My brown silky hair slightly blowing in the breeze made by the wind. Bringing me back to me sitting here trying to have lunch with my dear ole’ dad. Looking down twiddling my thumbs, looking back making eye contact within, smiling, my eyes glistening almost as if I’m crying. The world seems to stop as I wake up to what was reality. “Everything is ever as it seems…” I’ve said to myself as I sit on the roots of my favorite tree. My dreams are bursting out the seams. A fragile piece of me will always wish ‘he’ was here. Seeing who his eldest daughter has become. “You left me, your first child. I was only two years old”. Lied with every chance he got. His fragile little girl. Listening to my thoughts, resting the back of my head against the old trunk of the tree. My eyes sparking to the sunlight peering through the branches with light green leaves and white blossoms attached to the dark tree. The sun acting as a spotlight, I doze off as planet Earth turns every so slowly. Focusing on the sudden sound of rain droplets hitting the concrete and grass surrounding me, feeling as if I’m in a rainforest. Opening my eyelids from a catnap, noticing I haven’t got a single droplet on me. The rain only got to the leaves above me, A circle of rainenclosing me to my tree. I keep a lot of secrets to myself. Walking one foot in front of the other,slowly getting drenched as I stumble upon my destination. Hanging onby a thread, looking at the rustling tree as the rain stops, hearing thebirds starting to chirp. Couldn’t bear another day without you in it. Tohave you in my life was all I ever wanted. My imagination bringing me tomy dreams as if I was really there. All that was missing was the mostimportant thing. You. You were the one I needed and you left me as Ialways thought you would. My heart beating, saying It’s gonna hurt. Laying down on the grass that’sslightly damp, I look up at the light blue sky. I feel the adrenaline movingthrough my veins as I sit up sitting criss-cross-applesauce. Grabbing mynotebook I write a letter. Dear dad, how could you leave me when you swore you would stay?Now you’re nothing but a liar. I needed you, I wanted my dad. But youwent and had kids with another woman. You were a dad to someoneelse’s kids. Did you forget about me? I hate missing you after everythingyou’ve done. No armor can protect me from this pain. I’ve given you 15long years, and you threw it away, never came back. I guess you had your reasons. Your eldest daughter. I sit there, reading back what I wrote. Slowly, I start walking to the postoffice. “Goodbye dad.”

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