Reese Nodes (She/Her/Hers) is a Northern girl who has a passion for voice acting. She is also Type One diabetic and Hard of hearing! She loves to bring characters to life with her voice and create memorable performances. She’s been interested in performance since she was seven years old. She has always been captivated by the power of voice to convey emotions, tell stories, and transport audiences to different worlds. Voice acting is not just a hobby for her, it’s a true passion. She enjoys analyzing scripts, understanding the characters, and finding unique ways to bring them to life. She loves experimenting with different, tones, and emotions to create unique and creative performances. Whether it’s a bubbly anime girl, a fierce video game cat girl, or a captivating narrator, she’s always excited to dive into new roles. Aside from voice acting, Reese is a typical high school student who enjoys spending time with friends, singing, drawing, and being a VTuber. I have worked on over 100 projects, one being with Hoyoverse. If you have any voice acting questions or are interested in learning about it, ask her! She is looking forward to help everyone’s projects come to life!

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