In 7th grade, I had a Life Science teacher named Mis.Ellenbecker. She treated all the guys in my class like we were 2nd graders and her class experience was very bad. When I got to 11th-grade registration I knew I had to take a biology class to graduate. My mom convinced me to take AP Biology instead of regular Biology. I was reluctant to take it at first because I had a very negative experience in a Biology class before and it convinced me that I didn’t like biology. When school started I was somewhat optimistic about the class but I was also scared that I would end up hating it and/or being in way over my head. The first day of class started off very poorly. I only knew two people in the class. One of them sat next to me but I didn’t like him and we had a difficult past. It got better the next day when he dropped the class because he was not AP material. As the days went on the class got better and better. The class started to get to know each other and someone I was good friends with from freshman year joined the class. Also, as the days went on the content of the class became more interesting. We recently started learning about DNA and the human genome. I really enjoyed topics like the Crispr Cas9 technology and Y chromosome mutation or marker tracking to find where you originated from. I started enjoying the class and it became the class that I looked forward to every day. As this semester comes to an end the schedules for next semester came out we found out how many people were moving classes. There are about 5 people who make the class more interesting that are moving hours. That’s not everyone and there are quite a few people staying in that class and I’m still looking forward to the class next semester.

By: Ambrose

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