Where I am from and who I am 

My name is Sundus and I am from Saint peter highschool. I am Muslim girl that grew up in Africa. Certain times when people ask you where you are from you don’t get the chance to explain or give them the answer you would like them to know. People have a lot of different backgrounds and beautiful stories and today I am going to tell you about mine. I am from Africa, 

born and raised. My mom and dad are both from Somali. I have never been to Somali but I heard a lot of beautiful stories. I grew up in State called Nairobi Kenya where people are friendly, loving and caring. There’s one language that is spoken is Swahili. My family and I live in Eastleigh 8 street. I lived in these tall apartments 2bedrooms and 2baths.where the balcony of the house you can see the city light up at night, people working hard to feed their kids and trying harder for the next day. Millions of people would come to our side of the city because we live right beside the shopping mall. I would see different kinds of people and people who come visiting a place they used to call home. Where I grew up is you would pay for transportation if you didn’t have a car or your parents didn’t have a car. My family used to walk everywhere. It was like you needed the store down stairs. You go down stairs there, the pharmacy and every butcher would be across the street. We went to school a little less than a mile away from our house. My sister and brother would walk to school together in the morning at 7:00 to make it on time. We would get to school, get to our first class and rest our classes throughout the day. At the end of the day we would walk back and go to this place we call Dugsi. We learn the Quran there. On our way there we see people hollering for us to buy their food or support their business. Some days we would, some days we wouldn’t. A place where everything you do feels free and you walk without feeling left out. Home we just say sometime but the meaning of home has a lot to it. I call it a place where everybody helps each other with their language, the beautiful environment and how they treat each other. The respect that goes from one to another is beautiful. Your shoes would get dirty and you would pay a guy to wash it and you would come 20 min later your Shoes shining clean and washed. People hear things about a place and their

perspective of things change quickly. They hear bad things about the place or a person judge it by its cover. I would love people to see where I came from and how I grew up. Different cultures you see the dances that happen in the street once in while it is crazy. There is a talent show in middle street and people huddle around. You would think something would happen but when you see people dancing to this music and the beats. As memories I remember this one time I came from school and there were these three Jamaican guys doing a talent show. I was standing there from so little and one the was like I need someone to help do this next trick he looked around and chose me. I was shocked but it was a funny trick that made everybody laugh. I love seeing 

My people smile their beautiful smiles even though life was hard for some people making them smile was nothing. On some days it would be so hot that the ice cream from the shops would finish and some days it would be okay humid wind but to a good degree. You would be walking near a restaurant and you could smell the well season delicious food or you would be walking and see a lady cooking potatoes on the road with sauce. The best five parts of the day is that you can hear the mosque call for prayer and everyone is going to pray. On Friday we have Jumcaa prayers where the road would close for the people praying, the streets would stop people just praying and other people not praying are quiet for prayers. It doesn’t matter where you are from, there’s always a story to tell no matter what it is good or bad. People have different struggles and to hear that sometimes makes you be more appropriate about yours. To see my mom work hard for me makes me better today. I worked hard to provide for us and put clothes on our back and paid for school and was there for us. I am writing not because I want to but because it is okay to struggle and to let people know where you are from don’t be ashamed of where you come from and the place you grew up in. Some people don’t have memories but you can start making them today.

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