Any borrowed time left? 

Why do you run away from me and pretend as if this is a game of tag? I just about catch up to you, only to be reminded that I can’t. 

Oh time, we’re all a slave to you,you never stop for anybody and that I know is true. 

As my body always changes like the seasons thanks to you time, I constantly am under pressure to live my life to the fullest, yet I have just reached my prime. 

While you may not be tangible as if you were a person, I still feel your weight on my shoulder. You are truly a burden. 

I shall ask for your forgiveness, as I have been painting you in a negative light, but please do understand you make it feel like I’m always having to fight. 

Youth is like sand, I cannot hold onto every last bit of it, invariably worrying instead of taking action, oh I suppose in your old eyes this makes me look like the biggest hypocrite.

By Jasmine Dezurn

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