By Victor Lam

Ever since the war began, the attitude of the land has changed. Going from full of dreams and wishes, to kill or be killed. Some opportunists have even begun building businesses off of that saying, ranking the best of the best assassins against each other. 

Currently, I rank sixth in the world. The name’s Moonshine, but I’m better known as Radon because I normally use nerve gasses and smoke bombs to take down my targets. In addition, I can do some hand to hand combat as well as use throwing knives. That will be useful as I’ve recently been hired to take down someone of importance in a nearby town. I don’t have very fond memories of that town, but, I can’t be picky about this job since I’ve had worse. 

Regardless, this job will pay me quite the pretty penny. Seeing as the bounty of this target is set at a decent ten thousand dollars, I don’t exactly mind taking a train to get to where I need to go. I might even go for a private first class room since the top ten ranked assassins get fancy things like that. The only problem is, trains aren’t the most common thing to come by. Due to the fact that the location of my target is only a few towns away from where I am, I suppose I’ll have to settle for going on foot through the forest; however, that even has its negatives. People really like to sit and wait for victims to let their guard down in the forest and that is when they get ambushed. Although, that’s the least of my problems. There are people in my target’s town that would take me down the first chance they get. Alright, the plan for when I get into town is to quickly duck into the nearest alley or building. At this moment and time, it should be relatively easy because almost all the windows have been broken in. 


Finally here. It seems relatively safe, so I’ll just cut to the chase and head towards the building my employer said to go to in order to avoid any spying eyes.


Right, the building has twenty floors to clear, and the first nineteen floors barely have any guards. The only one left must have my target. Walking up to the top floor grasping my combat knife along with some nerve gas bombs, I open the door just slightly to peer inside. Since there isn’t much light in the room, I feel comfortable actually going into the room and then ducking for cover. To my surprise, I hear a familiar voice call out to me. 

“Took you long enough Radon,” it said. That voice belonged to my employer for this assignment. 

“What are you doing here?” I responded.

Suddenly, a third voice reveals itself, and if my memory serves me correctly, it belongs to the top ranked assassin Redsoul.

“Radon, you’ve shown quite the impressive amount of improvement since you started allowing yourself to be ranked. However, this is where you’ve hit the end of your luck.” 

Before I was given a chance to understand what was happening, I had been cut with a tipped knife containing nerve poison. I looked down at who had attacked me, and it was none other than my employer. As I fell to the ground completely paralyzed, I was able to slightly look up to see Redsoul receding into the shadows. 

“Leave him. We’ve wasted enough time here. The poison will finish him.” he said.

“Yes sir.” responded my employer turning to walk after Redsoul. With my final breath before my entire body was unmoveable, I cursed my employer and Redsoul that one day I will get my revenge.

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