person writing while using phone
Chorus School By Mariyam Topic: Stress Tie in: bad grades Feelings In between: Depression/sadness, stress Resolution: […]
monochrome photo of person standing on hallway
Chorus: Chronicle Depression Topic: clinical depression Tie in (what’s happening): locked away in room and too […]
person covered with gray blanket
By Mahir Chorus: Sleep Topic: Mental Health  Tie in (what’s happening): Life threatening Feelings in between: […]
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By Nebiel Topic: Mental Health  Tie in (what’s happening): Mental health affecting students  In between: (feeling) […]
stress handwritten text on white printer paper
Title: Stress By: Noah 1. School drains me in every aspect 2.I’m longing for the weekend […]
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Song name: fears  Topic: mental health  By Audrey Tie: struggling to keep going  Feelings in between: […]