I know I haven’t been the best of me but I’ll try to be better man, and show you the best of me, just for yoouuu, for youuu

As the days goes By I can’t stop thinking ’bout you, how precious your smile, how bright your laugh, how warm your touch makes me

There’s a table set for 2 we can talk about about our love, or we can turn off our lips and get closer, girl I wouldn’t mind let’s get closer

So as I write this song, I wanna let you know that I long for those days, How your my fire in the winter, Breeze in the summer, jacket in the autumn, and flower in the spring

Yeah! Let’s take our time I’ll be patient with you with all the things that we do, I could stop by and get you food that you like, and could i please come in and vibe with your vibe

So maybe i might not be your type but could i ask and ask for the things that you like ,and I wonder bout all the times about the things that we did, and I wanna continue writing the story we lived

Through hard times always say that your mine, I paint a canvas of you saw how lucky that your mine i could talk about other things and think you so fine, and I could say that your smile makes the universe align

And just the way that you shine,  I wanna grow and learn and be my best, with you around you’ll be the first , and I promise i’ll give you love you deserve

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