By Atherio

Prologue: Horrid beginnings
I see it the road. That road that would forever change my life. All I can do is sit here and
watch. I can’t do anything. Why, Why, WHY! WHY! WHY can’t I move my legs? Why
can’t I scream stop? All I can do is watch as the crash happens. I watch as my life is
changed forever. Then I wake up.
Chapter 1: Everlasting Changes
I enter the bathroom. The mirror has been covered for years at this point. I don’t even
remember what it looked like. I have to take my pills; The doctor says I won’t have to
use them hopefully anymore near the end of the year. Mom didn’t seem as enthusiastic
about it though; I wonder why.
Chapter 3: Disgust
They try to have us look at ourselves in a mirror. I froze. I couldn’t move forwards, even
as they repeated my name. I don’t want to look in there. I can’t look at the monster I am.
Please anything but that, but next thing I knew, They brought the mirror in front of me.
All I could see was the disgust, the disgust of what I am, the disgust of what i’ve done,
and the disgust of who I hurt, My vision blurred and next thing I knew I was in an

Chapter: 5: Sudden Return
It’s been a month since I went to school. The doctor wanted to monitor me and make
sure I didn’t have another episode. I approach the door, I never realized how ugly it
looked, and I push it in. My class is sitting there: silent, watching me. My teacher ends
the silence with a warm welcome back. I don’t feel welcome. Suddenly I feel a pat on
my back. “It’s been a long time right?”. It was my childhood friend from 10 years ago.

Chapter: 7: Denial
I slammed my door shut, and I just crumbled to the floor. I want to cry, why after all this
time, why did he have to return? I go to my bathroom. I need to take my pills. I slowly
gulped down the disgusting mass, and I felt calmer, I needed to find a way to control my
emotions. Knock Knock Knock. Who could that be? Mom doesn’t knock on my door. “Ad
it’s me”. How did he find out where I live, and why did mom let him in?

Chapter 8: Conscience Of Guilt

“Ad i wanted to ask if you wanted to go to our school’s dance together”. I slammed the
door after that. I crumbled down and began crying more and more. It wouldn’t stop.
Then I fell asleep. I then heard “So are you gonna kill him like you killed me?”. That was
my fathers voice. I open my eyes and I’m in the car, and there he is my father looking
me in the eyes. He is bloody and bruised just like from the accident. He repeats his
question to me. Now I remember why I hate dances. I was going to one for school, and I
just had to complain. He turned around to reassure me about going and then the other
driver hit us: killing him.

Chapter 9: Dreaming Skies
For the first time I see light, after a long darkness. I finally smiled again. The music is
ringing in my ears. I feel light, like a feather floating in the sky; slowly descending back
down to the earth that is my mind. Then it hits me with this feeling of guilt. Why should I
be able to live a happy life after I took his away. Why should I still live after being the
one to kill him. I ran out of the dance right there.

Chapter 10: Harsh Acceptance
I continued running. I don’t want to look back. I feel I will just see him looking at me. I
reached my house and slammed the door. Mom isn’t home; she normally isn’t until
midnight. I want to cry, but what’s the point, I shouldn’t be happy, I should be locked up
forever, I’m The one who killed him. I killed my own father. “Why do you keep saying
that Ad?” What? “I know you heard me, you didn’t kill me I don’t understand what made
you ever think it was your fault.” I did kill you, it was my fault; You wouldn’t have been
driving if I didn’t go to that dance. “I made you go to the dance, so if anything it was my
fault we went.” But you were looking my way when the car crashed into us. “That never
happened, it didn’t go that way. I want you to look back and see what really happened.” I
close my eyes and I see the scene of my life changing. Dad looks back at me. I can’t
understand what he’s saying. He turns his head around and we continue for another
minute. Where the crash shouldn’t have happened. Then I looked and that’s when our
car was struck. “See you were never the one at fault for anything that happened you
were there, but you couldn’t change fate. Now I have to go. I’m sorry, Ad, but stay
bright. Stand tall for me.” Goodbye Dad.

Chapter 12 For Better or For Worse
The final decorations of my room were completed before I came back. It looks entirely
different from a few months ago. The doctors also have said I’m showing very positive

growth and we should be back on track for going off of medications. I’ve also never
seen mom so happy ever since they said I may never be normal again. I laid down on
my bed and looked around. So much has changed around here. I remember one thing
then. I get up and go to my bathroom. It’s still up, mostly fallen on the corner. The mirror
is covered up after we moved. Removing this will be the final step to a new me. I grab
the sheet covering it up and remove it. Then I see it. A flood of memories of my dad and
I making this mirror. I had forgotten about everything for it, and it was all there the many
encouraging words he put for me to look up to. I see what he meant all the time he
always said “Ad don’t forget that even if you fall down, make a mistake, or have
something happen don’t ever drop yourself over it”. It seems I finally listened. Well then
there is one final thing I can say. Thank you dad even if you are gone I won’t forget

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