Emma Halleen is an American/British actor, producer. She grew up in America before moving to train as an actor at London’s Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts. She starred in her first feature film, “Downtown Owl”, in Spring of 2022. “Downtown Owl” is an upcoming Sony and Columbia Pictures movie adapted from Chuck Klosterman’s book to screen by Hamish Linklater. Lily Rabe is the director and star, and acts in it alongside Ed Harris, Vanessa Hudgens and Henry Golding.

Most recently, “Pavement”, a project Emma wrote, produced and starred in was accepted to the Twin Cities Film Festival.

Halleen has worked as an actor with AFI alum, Nitzan Levinson on her thesis project, “Children of Change” and Cal-Arts Graduate, Inka Rusi on “Bind”. “Bind” has received critical acclaim at Florida Film Festival, Helsinki Film Festival and CAA Moebius. She now lives in Los Angeles and has worked as the lead on three American Film Institute thesis projects which has further inspired her love of production.

She plans to continue producing and acting in tandem.

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